velv — our team,
remotely yours.
 digital illustration
and concept for animation
client  velv

MAI 2018

with André Godinho
— criative direction
and motion design

Unlike other companies, Velv’s team is mainly composed by Engineers and Specialists that help to assess the knowledge of new team members and to do the match between your needs and their skills. The result: Top-notch teams and a faster identification process.
Velv is a software company, its focus it the people. The characters have a fresh, cool and fun vibe, this reflects a relaxed and easy to collaborate team, which is also serious about work.

The characters have stretchy arms and legs, the backgrounds are light and our compositions minimal, trying to convey meaning with less illustration.  We discarded complex “analog” textures, to preserve the digital feel of the piece, while using gradients to achieve some degree of textural quality.

The result, we think, is an overall feel that’s both light and smooth.