Agora, Irrepetível
editorial  event communication
with Mane Peixoto, Laura Araújo, Mel Dominguez, Rosa Francisco, Guilherme Sousa e Tiago Moura
Final Graduate Show

BA Communication Design, at FBA.UL

Agora, irrepetível. A juventude, o design e a sua prática (Now, unrepeatable — youth, design and it's praxis) is the title that brings together a series of events surrounding the production developed by 2014-15's final year students of Communication Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon.
The discussions generated throughout the degree fed a critical conscience before the concerns, aspirations, conditions, rights and duties, behaviors and feelings of a generation facing its time.

This approach put each student in a unique position that combines their life experience with the possibility of acting as a socio-cultural intermediary, positioning their activity between the autobiography and the journalistic record.

The resulting position of these students, facing their time, and subsequently its generational issues, allowed them to explore and question relevant issues through design projects. Thus, they proposed possible answers on topics such as education, sustainability, technology, affections and sexuality, employment, migration, social activism or involvement in politics.
In addition to a series of events that happened throughout October and November, was also created a visual identity for the project, a book, a website , a documentary and two exhibitions.